Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Matis Paris Skin Care Line and Parisian Facials

Lookin' Good! Aesthetics is proud to introduce to Florence, SC their first Parisian Skin Care Line! MATIS PARIS - has tailored Beauty Solutions for all skin types! It is Pure & Effective skin care for Men & Women and MATIS PARIS uses the best of what Science & Nature each have to offer.
The best of Nature with Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy, Vitamintherapy and Oligotherapy. The best of Science with Biotechnology.
Europe has always been on the forefront of Fashion, Beauty, & Skincare! Founded in 1981, MATIS-PARIS is a name renowned throughout Europe for its innovative leadership in the skin care market. The MATIS PARIS brand can be traced back to 1936, when a chemist names Mavromait opened up a specialized cosmetic formulation laboratory, which is the same site MATIS PARIS uses today to research, develop & create their products. Each product is meticulously tested by a team of chemists & biologists for quality, purity performance & skin responses ensuring that every product made is the perfect product. By combining the best of science & nature, MATIS PARIS creates skin care products that address the concerns of every woman & man. With this dedication to quality, MATIS PARIS has become one of the most respected beauty care lines in salons and spas throughout the world. Bring MATIS PARIS into your world and discover exactly why!!
With the help of MATIS PARIS products and Parisian Facial Methods, Protocols and Treatments, LOOKIN' GOOD! AESTHETICS takes great care in determining the correct course of treatment for each Man & Woman's skin care needs!
Summer is over, it's time to treat your skin with a MATIS PARISIAN FACIAL to re-nourish, exfoliate, and regenerate it back to a beautiful, pure & radiant luster!
Microdermabrasions also available to exfoliate the skin and help regenerate collagen production to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

Permanent Eyeliner

This is 2 happy clients! Permanent Eyeliner will open your eyes up and make your eyelashes appear to be thicker and fuller!! You no longer have to worry about "raccoon eyes" due to eyeliner running. Wake up with Make up!!

Bridal Lashes

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions just for the Bride! Our beautiful model, Emily, had Lookin' Good! apply xtreme lashes for her Bridal Portraits - Aren't they beautiful!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Put some color in your lashes!

Try some color in your lashes! Color can enhance your eyecolor, look great with that new dress, show your team spirit and be festive for the holidays! Do you like Bling? Try Swarovsky Crystals on your lashes!

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

Did you know - that Xtreme Eyelash Extensions not only gives you long, luxurious eyelashes but also gives you an instant Eyelift appearance!

First Post!

Please check our new website out!! We have great specials! You deserve to look your best!